Textile Machinery & Spares

We are suppliers of Textile Spinning and Weaving Machinery Non Original Replacement Spares. We are in these field for last 25 years and are regularly exporting our products to more than 30 countries like USA, Canada, Switzerland, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Russia & CIS Countries etc

Spares for Weaving Machines ( shuttle and Shuttle less ):

  • All type of shuttle, pirns, picking stick, buffer heads, pickers for all type of shuttle looms.
  • Wirehealds and Mechanical parts for shuttle looms.
  • Spares for Shuttless machines like Sulzer, Picanol, N.P, Somet, Toyoda, Tsudokoma, Dornier etc.
  • All metal reed for all type of shuttle and shuttless machines.
  • Electronic spares for shuttless machines.
  • Dropwire, Heald wire and Heald frames for all type of shuttle and shuttless machines.
  • Spares for all type of drapper, cimmco, picanol, ruti shuttle looms.

Our Product Range for spinning machines spares is as below:

  • Rieter card C1/2, C1/3, C4, C50.
  • Rieter lap former E2/4, E4/1, E30, E5/3 Unilap Machine.s
  • Rieter Comber E7/2, E7/4, E7/5, E7/5A, E7/6, E60, E60H, E62-E72, E65-E75 machines spares.
  • Rieter Draw Frame model DO/2, DO/6, SB 51, SB52, RSB 851, RSB 951, RSB D30, RSB D35, RSB D40.
  • Rieter Roving frame model F1, F1/1.
  • Rieter ring Frame model G5, G5/1, G5/11, G30, G33 and K44.
  • Rieter Open End Model M1/1, M1/2 and M2/1.
  • Schlafhorst Autocoro SE6, SE7, SE8, SE9.
  • Schlafhorst Auotoconer 138, 238 and 338 machines.
  • Trutzchler Dk 740, 780, 803, 903 and all type of Trutzchler blowroom spares.
  • Twisting machine spares for Volkman TFO like VTS-07, 08, 09.
  • Zinser ring frame spares for machine like 319, 321 etc.